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eV Products is the world leader in CdZnTe based detection technology. >>Learn more about eV

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Marlow Industries Inc. is the world leader in providing thermoelectric cooling solutions. >>Read more about Marlow



The Wide Bandgap Materials group provides highest quality SiC wafers . >>Read more about WBG



In 2004, II-VI Inc. (www.ii-vi.com) established the first representative office in Beijing, headed by Dr. Chan Wu, with many years of crystal materials and business experiences. The office's primary focus is to serve II-VI divisions worldwide in developing business relations with Chinese suppliers, customers and partners.

In 2006, with growing business the office was upgraded into an R&D focused wholy owned subsidiary of II-VI inc. The development projects are mainly in cooperation with II-VI's eV Products division (www.evproducts.com) on radiation detection and X-ray imaging.

Now, II-VI Technolgies Beijing has total 11 employees. All are college graduates. Our China Engineerng Team (CET) consists of 6 experienced engineers (5 Masters, 1 PhD). Our expertise covers following areas:

  • Materials engineering;
  • Optics and lasers;
  • Electrical design;
  • Embeded system design;
  • Mechanical system design;
  • Software engineering;
  • System intergration.

The company serve the foothold for the coorporate's compound semiconductor group in China, which includes following divisions:

With our experiences and skills in both technical and business areas, we welcome Chinese and US companies to utilize our capability to grow your business. We offer following service:

  • Procurement - establish your supply line chain with qualified chinese manufacturers;
  • Quality Control - make sure you get parts in with the quality you need on time;
  • Engineering Design - turn your idea into reality;
  • Distribution in China - get your products accessed by the greatest potential market in the world.

For more information, please call +86-10-64398226, or email to infobj@ii-vi.com.cn.