eV Products

eV Products is the world leader in CdZnTe based detection technology. >>Learn more about eV

Marlow Industries

Marlow Industries Inc. is the world leader in providing thermoelectric cooling solutions. >>Read more about Marlow



The Wide Bandgap Materials group provides highest quality SiC wafers . >>Read more about WBG



Establish your supply line chain with qualified chinese manufacturers with our help, now.


We have expertise in following areas:

    • Machined parts, especially in aluminium alloy;
    • Plastic injection;
    • PCB and PCBA;
    • Vacuum parts and assembly;
    • High purity inorganic chemicals;
    • Crystal materials...

    Quality Control

    This is the step that we can not forget when establishing a new supply chain. It is vital that the products ordered would arrive in time and meet specified requirements. II-VI Technologies have accumulated rich experience in dealing with various kind of situations to allow a minimum risk.

Engineering Design

We offer custom design service based on our expertise - turn your idea into reality.


Distribution in China

With our expertise in wide area of technologies, we are fully capable in distribution of your hightech products to your customers in China.

With your ideas and requests, please call +86-10-64398226, or email to infobj@ii-vi.com.cn.