eV Products

eV Products is the world leader in CdZnTe based detection technology. >>Learn more about eV

Marlow Industries

Marlow Industries Inc. is the world leader in providing thermoelectric cooling solutions. >>Read more about Marlow



The Wide Bandgap Materials group provides highest quality SiC wafers . >>Read more about WBG


II-VI Technologies Beijing offer competitive compensation package and great carrer growth opportunities as the company grows.

Our II-VI Worldwide values are:
  • Customers First  顾客为先
  • Honesty and Integrity   诚实正直
  • Open Communications  坦诚交流
  • Teamwork  团队合作
  • Continuous Improvement and Learning  持续改进和学习
  • Manage by the “Facts”  据实管理
  • A Safe, Clean and Orderly Workplace  安全、洁净、有序的工作场所

The knowledge our business require is fairly broad. The common areas we need are:

  • Mechanical Design;
  • Electrical Design;
  • Embedded System Design;
  • Software Design;
  • System Intergration;
  • Supply Line Chain Management;
  • Marketing and Sales of Hightech Products.

We welcome talent people with experiences in the area of radiation detection, X-ray imaging, thermoelectic design and engineering to grow our eV and Marlow business.

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If you are interested in joining us, please send your resume to infobj@ii-vi.com.cn.